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                                                • 'Ah yes, the big one,' said Marc-Ange reflectively. 'That is one that must not get away,' He got up. 'And now, my friend, I have ordered dinner, a good dinner, to be served us up here. And then we will go to bed stinking of garlic and, perhaps, just a little bit drunk. Yes?'

                                                                                              • 鈥極ct. 31.鈥擸ou will see from my note to dear Mr. Baring that sweet Bini鈥檚 long trial is over. With what joy she departed! I am telling the story in villages and Zenanas. She who had so little opportunity of working for God in her brief life, bears powerful testimony now by her death to Muhammadan and Hindu. To go joyously, in the morning of her life, to death, as to a bridal,鈥攖his is a proof of the truth and power of Christianity, which who can gainsay? I went on the day of Bini鈥檚 departure to three Zenanas, which bigotry has closed. I asked no leave but went in,鈥擨 was pretty sure of a hearing, when I went to describe the death of Babu Singha鈥檚 daughter.

                                                                                                But it never came. He never got hurt. After a few years in the canyons, Caballo was stronger,healthier, and faster than he’d ever been in his life. “My whole approach to running has changedsince I’ve been here,” he told me. As a test, he tried running a trail through the mountains thattakes three days on horseback; he did it in seven hours. He’s not sure how it all came together,what proportions of sandals and pinole and korima, but—“Hey,” I interrupted him. “Could you show me?”
                                                                                                She laughed. 'Well, you know me and Violet, then there's Elizabeth Mackinnon. She's from Aberdeen. Beryl Morgan from somewhere in Herefordshire. Pearl Tampion, Devonshire - by the way, all those simply loathed every kind of cattle. Now they live on steaks! Would you believe it? I must say the Count's a wonderful man."
                                                                                                `Live the life you would normally. Go home now and have a bath and a drink. The local vodka is all right if you down it with tonic water. If nothing happens, I will pick you up at eight. We will have dinner at the place of a gipsy friend of mine. A man called Vavra. He is head of a tribe. I must anyway see him tonight. He is one of my best sources. He is finding out who tried to blow up my office. Some of his girls will dance for you. I will not suggest that they should entertain you more intimately. You must keep your sword sharp. There is a saying ``Once a King, always a King. But once a Knight is enough!'' `


                                                                                                "Oh, I see." Major Smythe looked away. "I'm sorry."
                                                                                                'That's right.'
                                                                                                CHAPTER SEVEN THOUGHTS IN A DB III
                                                                                                'Moi, j'adore le "Dry",' a bright-faced girl at the next table said to her companion, too neat in his unseasonable tweeds, who gazed at her with moist brown eyes over the top of an expensive shooting-stick from Hermes, 'fait avec du Gordon's, bien entendu.'
                                                                                                "No," she said, and then sharply, as if she had just remembered something. "What's the time?"

                                                                                                                                            • Bond bowed. 'I am honoured.' He straightened himself.

                                                                                                                                                                                          • The frown was back. Scaramanga's right hand balled into a fist. "I told you not to rile me, mister. So don't go prying into my affairs or you'll get hurt. And that's for sure." As if he could hardly control himself longer, the big man turned on his heel and strode brusquely out of the room.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • Bond got to his feet, shielding the girl. He said softly, out of the corner of his mouth, 'He mustn't see the rifle.' He said to Oddjob, speaking casually, peaceably, 'Nice place Mr Goldfinger has here. Want to have a word with him sometime. Perhaps it's a bit late tonight. You might tell him I'll be along tomorrow.' Bond said to the girl, 'Come on, darling. We've had our walk in the woods. Time to get back to the hotel.' He took a step away from Oddjob towards the fence.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • 'You are quite happy yourself?' said the questioner, nodding encouragement.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • There was a gridiron in the pantry, on which my morning rasher of bacon was cooked. We had it in, in a twinkling, and immediately applied ourselves to carrying Mr. Micawber's idea into effect. The division of labour to which he had referred was this: - Traddles cut the mutton into slices; Mr. Micawber (who could do anything of this sort to perfection) covered them with pepper, mustard, salt, and cayenne; I put them on the gridiron, turned them with a fork, and took them off, under Mr. Micawber's direction; and Mrs. Micawber heated, and continually stirred, some mushroom ketchup in a little saucepan. When we had slices enough done to begin upon, we fell-to, with our sleeves still tucked up at the wrist, more slices sputtering and blazing on the fire, and our attention divided between the mutton on our plates, and the mutton then preparing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                • A little before the date of my resignation, Mr. James Virtue, the printer and publisher, had asked me to edit a new magazine for him, and had offered me a salary of £1000 a year for the work over and above what might be due to me for my own contributions. I had known something of magazines, and did not believe that they were generally very lucrative. They were, I thought, useful to some publishers as bringing grist to the mill; but as Mr. Virtue’s business was chiefly that of a printer, in which he was very successful, this consideration could hardly have had much weight with him. I very strongly advised him to abandon the project, pointing out to him that a large expenditure would be necessary to carry on the magazine In accordance with my views — that I could not be concerned in it on any other understanding, and that the chances of an adequate return to him of his money were very small. He came down to Waltham, listened to my arguments with great patience, and the told me that if I would not do the work he would find some other editor.