Inspirasi Kediri Bertutur

                                      • 'No. I believe that you will stay for a long time on Kuro.'

                                                                            • Derek squeezed me excitedly. "Don't you worry. I'll show you."
                                                                              "Can't guarantee the scar for more than six hours, Sir," he said. "Not in this heat. But the rest's all right. Who is he to be, Sir?"

                                                                              Horatia. [Aside.] Aunt Judy! this is distraction!
                                                                              'I should like to be as sure of that, as you are kind enough to say you are,' I answered, smiling.


                                                                              'Why, how should I ever spend it without you?' said Mr. Peggotty, with an air of serious remonstrance. 'What are you a talking on? Doen't I want you more now, than ever I did?'
                                                                              Mr. Rotkopf said sourly, "You got to make big profits to put against a bum steer like this." He waved a hand. "If you ask me"-he held up a bit of steak on Ms fork- "you're eating the only money you're going to see out of this dump at this minute."
                                                                              'Yes,' said Peggotty. 'Morning.'
                                                                              So we went upstairs.
                                                                              At the present period, however, this influence was only one among many which were helping to shape the character of my future development: and even after it became, I may truly say, the presiding principle of my mental progress, it did not alter the path, but only made me move forward more boldly, and, at the same time, more cautiously, in the same course. The only actual revolution which has ever taken place in my modes of thinking, was already complete. My new tendencies had to be confirmed in some respects, moderated in others: but the only substantial changes of opinion that were yet to come, related to politics, and consisted, on one hand, in a greater approximation, so far as regards the ultimate prospects of humanity, to a qualified Socialism, and on the other, a shifting of my political ideal from pure democracy, as commonly understood by its partizans, to the modified form of it, which is set forth in my "Considerations on Representative Government."

                                                                                                                  • When I think of him, with his impenetrably wise face, walking up and down with the Doctor, delighted to be battered by the hard words in the Dictionary; when I think of him carrying huge watering-pots after Annie; kneeling down, in very paws of gloves, at patient microscopic work among the little leaves; expressing as no philosopher could have expressed, in everything he did, a delicate desire to be her friend; showering sympathy, trustfulness, and affection, out of every hole in the watering-pot; when I think of him never wandering in that better mind of his to which unhappiness addressed itself, never bringing the unfortunate King Charles into the garden, never wavering in his grateful service, never diverted from his knowledge that there was something wrong, or from his wish to set it right- I really feel almost ashamed of having known that he was not quite in his wits, taking account of the utmost I have done with mine.

                                                                                                                                                        • This Truth poor mortal Lovers represent,

                                                                                                                                                                                              • The intruder examined the girl's face for several minutes. One of his hands came up and took the sheet at her chin and softly drew the 'sheet down to the end of the bed. The hand that drew down the sheet was not a hand. It was a pair of articulated steel pincers at the end of a metal stalk that disappeared into a black silk sleeve. It was a mechanical hand.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Lost in all the fireworks between Ted and Caballo was an important point: running shoes may bethe most destructive force to ever hit the human foot. Barefoot Ted, in his own weird way, wasbecoming the Neil Armstrong of twenty-first-century distance running, an ace test pilot whosesmall steps could have tremendous benefit for the rest of mankind. If that seems like excessivestature to load on Barefoot Ted’s shoulders, consider these words by Dr. Daniel Lieberman, aprofessor of biological anthropology at Harvard University:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • And meddle with no fawning Muse,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                • James Bond's choice of reading matter, prompted by a spectacular jacket of a half-naked girl strapped to a bed, turned out to have been a happy one for the occasion. It was called Verderbt, Verdammt, Verraten. The prefix ver signified that the girl had not only been ruined, damned, and betrayed, but that she had suffered these misfortunes most thoroughly. James Bond temporarily lost himself in the tribulations of the heroine, Grдfin Liselotte Mutzenbacher, and it was with irritation that he heard Captain Sender say that it was five-thirty and time to take up their positions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • How shall I speak of my dear old friend Charles Lever, and his rattling, jolly, joyous, swearing Irishmen. Surely never did a sense of vitality come so constantly from a man’s pen, nor from man’s voice, as from his! I knew him well for many years, and whether in sickness or in health, I have never come across him without finding him to be running over with wit and fun. Of all the men I have encountered, he was the surest fund of drollery. I have known many witty men, many who could say good things, many who would sometimes be ready to say them when wanted, though they would sometimes fail — but he never failed. Rouse him in the middle of the night, and wit would come from him before he was half awake. And yet he never monopolised the talk, was never a bore. He would take no more than his own share of the words spoken, and would yet seem to brighten all that was said during the night. His earlier novels — the later I have not read — are just like his conversation. The fun never flags, and to me, when I read them, they were never tedious. As to character he can hardly be said to have produced it. Corney Delaney, the old manservant, may perhaps be named as an exception.