New frontiers of Indonesian Youth and their Passion

Inspirasi Kediri Bertutur

Young adults outside of Jakarta have different standard with the youth of Jakarta. They are advanced in their creative capability. They see Jakartans as ambitious, narcissistic, selfish & hedonistic, and they are not seen to have values ​​of art and culture. Youth living outside of Jakarta have strong ties to their local culture, the root of their identity whilst exploring innovation beyond the convention as established by mass media.

They immerse themselves into the “Local Wisdom” of their origins and the cities they live in. They explore the “local genius:” forms of local culture and art that are resilient from foreign influences, accommodate elements of foreign influences, integrate elements of foreign culture into authentic culture by having the sense of control and provides direction towards new creations.

Creative youth in outer Jakarta grow in harmony with local culture and this very much influence their choice of business and creative product design concepts. For example: EO business related to cultural arts events are flourishing in Jogja Solo, entertainment with local content is also expanding, the growth of  culture/arts communities shape their choice of business enterprise.

Indonesian Youth is Contemporary and Progressive. They are not just the audience of arts and lifestyle, they are makers, creators, ‘designers’ and executors who have the vision and the leadership to innovate and explore. Those of intellectual knowledge, influence and experience of cross cultural, of multi-knowledge & disciplines. Those who have the capacity and the authority to appreciate  the  essence of a specific art,  innovation and cutting edge discoveries. Those who have proven their existence through their innovative creations, arts,  and discoveries in their communities. They are pioneers who build sub-culture communities via the spread and influence of values and spirit.

IMG_8551 IMG_8572 IMG_8586 IMG_8588

Indonesian youth have provided these lessons:

1. Traditional musicians of multidimensions versus the limitations of EDM musicians

2. Junior highschool graduates with the passion to learn versus those of higher education who feel they are already smart

3. The restrictions of self-interests versus the opportunities of doing things for community interests

IMG_8597 IMG_8600 IMG_8623 IMG_8678 IMG_8683 IMG_8692 IMG_8710 IMG_8729 IMG_8738 IMG_8746 IMG_8753 IMG_8688

4. The rewards of money & fame versus the gift of giving

5. Creations from the heart versus working for material possessions

6. Quick wins versus the journey towards betterment

7. Being productive because it is beneficial

8. To learn means being productive

IMG_8779 IMG_8795 IMG_8801 IMG_8836 IMG_8842 IMG_8858

9. Committed because of sincerity

10. In their confined/limited situation, they dare to create

11. In their doubts, they are not afraid to try something new

12. In their humbleness, they create by going with the flow

13. From the sincerity to try and learn, they prove that they can

14. No need to imitate others, learn and find individual originality

IMG_8874 IMG_8879 IMG_8937 IMG_8956 IMG_8973 IMG_9007 IMG_9017 IMG_9031

15. Pride comes to loving to dance Tari Angguk

16. Amongst the influence and flow of modernity, Tari Angguk remains to stay

17. Fully aware to want and choosing cultural arts regardless of the perception and opinion of others

IMG_9034 IMG_9045 IMG_9046 IMG_9047 IMG_9051 IMG_9054 IMG_9057 IMG_9068

18. The experience of creating with your hands via touch and feel vs. via digital electronic gadgets

19. Using intuition as a guide to create as opposed to following instructions and using templates

20. Using  the hands to shape, mold and paint as opposed to using computer software

IMG_9113 IMG_9118 IMG_9143

It starts with interactions between two worlds: the modern and the tradition. Through conversations and engagements build bridges towards understanding. Accepting differences means being open to diversity. Opening the doors towards collaboration amongst different worlds and of different cultures and arts. Being authentic is as important as being different. Prevention of going obsolete starts with a conversation of differences. It is our job as communicators to build bridges from our roots progressing forward to the present and future. So when everyone else is going global, we are deeply rooted in our local wisdom whilst keeping touch with modernity.

There are 3 ways to weaken and conquer a nation:

One: blur its history becoming obsolete

Two: destroy all proof and evidence of its history that it can no longer be studied for its truth

Three: cut all ties with heritage and ties to ancestors by saying that tradition and history are primitive and no longer relevant

(source: Architects Of  Deception-Secret Story Of Freemasonry By Juri Lina)

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