Tari Kehidupan by Sesilia Ken Andansari

Inspirasi Kediri Bertutur

Sesilia spent her highschool period of her life in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. There are still remnants of Kediri inside of her, a dimension that reveals her Javanese character.

She is now an Indonesian living in The Netherlands. There are moments when she wonders about her heritage roots. In such moments she uses her talent to explore. In that process, she creates a stunning visual graphic art titled: Tari Kehidupan.

“In Javanese belief, we enter life with four attributes: lust, anger, desire and holy deeds. These attributes are triggered by elements that colors our lives through sight, speech, hearing, touch and scent. What do we do when we see people in need? What do we experience when we see something heartwarming? How do we cope during trying times? Mastering our attributes remains the ultimate test. With this, life may seem to be only about survival. To this day, I’ve still yet to learn that there is so much more than just that. It’s about how one dances to the rhythm of life, with all its bright and dark colors. The brief moment that we are granted here, how do we choose to live it? Hence, the thoughts behind ‘Tari kehidupan’, Dance of Life.”

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