Sinar Bulan by Sesilia Ken Andansari

Inspirasi Kediri Bertutur

During her moments reminiscing on her Indonesian roots, Sesilia Ken Andansari creates ‘Sinar Bulan.’ She takes meticulous care in her handicraft of every element in creation. Although she is living in Roden, about 30 minutes away from Groningen (taking the bus), The Netherlands, Indonesia remains in her heart through her pieces of visual art.

She shares her thinking about this piece: “Having lived in the States, Indonesia and the Netherlands has made me wonder of my origin at times. Being a hundred percent Javanese Indonesian, I’ve come to take a liking to Holland. Why? Who knows. This would also explain why my graphic design portfolio looks very European. Minimalistic, conscientious text alignments and white open spaces in abundance. “Why not make an art project for yourself?”, my sister suggested. “Go back to your roots, let your Indonesian roots surface. Single yourself out as an Indonesian graphic artist, living where you are.”

“So voilá, my first Indo piece. An image of a Balinese Legong dancer in a moment of ambiguity. A crossroad in life, full of unanswered questions. This justifies the gloomy tones and shadows. When one door shuts in life, another one opens. Behind the Balinese doorway is the flowing sea. There may be no clear understanding in the now, but only in hindsight. The moon shines her luminous rays, symbolising faith. Moonrays in Indonesian is Sinar Bulan.”

You can the person out of Indonesia, however, you can not take Indonesia out of the person.

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